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Long Term Car Rental in Singapore

For people who think that owning a car in Singapore is expensive, long term car rental and car leasing in Singapore can be a great alternative. Owning a car in Singapore can indeed cost you a great deal of money. Cars are obviously not cheap to buy and to maintain. Moreover, when the car breaks down, the…

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Rent to Save : The Benefits of Vehicle Rental

There are numerous benefits of vehicle rental, which provides enough reasons for you to rent a car instead of purchasing one. Below are some reasons why vehicle rental could be the solution to all your woes regarding the high cost of owning a car, and the benefits vehicle rental can bring to you and your…

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RC9 explores eight mobile applications to beat the heavy traffic in Singapore

Beat the traffic in SG With These 8 Apps A good sense of direction, memorize your daily route, a topped up cashcard and maybe a map. Navigating through Singapore roads was all about basics back then. With the current boom of smart devices and social media, transportation related apps have risen up to help solve…

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